Our Approach

At Venta Community, we know that we cannot unlock your child’s full potential without understanding how your child learns. Through research, we have created a fully comprehensive cognitive and academic assessment that measures your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses. We get to know exactly how your child learns by assessing all cognitive areas of development. Your child will do exercises that are fun and interesting to them, while valuable and insightful to us…and to you. We will then sit with you and explain each and every area that we assessed, so that you are fully aware of your child’s cognitive profile, and their learning strengths and weaknesses.


We also believe that it is important for the child to understand their own learning styles, strengths and weaknesses. We will work with your child to help them understand how they learn best…after all; we cannot expect a child to learn if they are not aware of how learning works. Our written report will include detailed descriptions of all cognitive areas of learning; your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses, as well as concrete current academic grade levels in all subjects. From these findings, we will work with you and your child’s teacher to develop a program designed specifically for your child.